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Supply Chain Management Consultants, Production Planning, Logistics

If you are looking to find Independent Supply Chain Management Consultants, we can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

If you realize you need more than what a book about Supply Chain Management can provide, you have come to the right place.

We are frequently approached by clients who are interested in an independent consultant to come in and advise on improving their supply chain management process.

This might involve optimizing a distribution / logistics center, reviewing or improving inventory turns or other types of industrial engineering.

Where we add value to the process is by referring experts who have "been there and done that" and can add unusual value the process, in the resulting plan and in the final outcomes.

We work to introduce our clients to supply chain consultants who, in addition to knowing and working with the common tools of global sourcing, information management, warehousing, distribution and logistics, they have what we call "good deskside manner" as well as a working understanding of many specific industries and different types of stakeholders.

We strive to introduce you to pre-qualified consultants who not only are competent in the supply chain management role, they also have the appropriate background, credibility and chemistry to get the job done right the first time.

Give us a call TODAY -- perhaps we have just the right consultant for you.

Here's how it works:

Tell us about your situation and objectives and The Consulting Exchange will hand-select the consultant with the right skills, expertise and experience for your needs.

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If urgent, or if you aren't sure a consultant can help, please feel free to call The Consulting Exchange directly at 1-617-576-2100

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View the below selection of supply chain management consultants
...or call TODAY.

Below is a short list of skills / experts generated from our database who may be able to help you solve your supply chain management problems

ID/Location Experience Skills Category
MH, Danville CA 1-3 Years Productivity, Software Applications, Systems Development, Microsoft, Feasibility, Project Mangement General Management 146
AO, Alexandria, VA 1-3 Years supply chain management, strategy consulting, enterprise architecture,costbenefit analysis Strategic Planning 1489
NS, Teaneck, NJ 3-5 Years Business Process Re-engineering across the Supply Chain, from Point of Mfr. to Point of Consumption Other 426
TP, Indianapolis, IN 10-15 Years Operations, Process Improvement, Quality, Sales, Marketing, Fianance Operations 1201
KK, Dracut, MA 3-5 Years Affordable: Importing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Electronics Purchasing Management Operations 219
JH, Cedar Pk, TX 5-10 Years small format convenience retailing, category management, supply chain management, design and layout, Marketing 684
SD, Calcutta, India 1-3 Years Operations , mining ,financial , cost reduction ,value engineering ,supply chain management Operations 745
10-15 Years global logistics and supply chain software provider and software engineer Technology 1103
TL, Tyngsboro, MA 1-3 Years Mechanical Design, Product Development, Drafting, Manufacturing, Design, AutoCAD, CAD, CAM, Engineering 161
NF, Needham, MA 1-3 Years marketing, web strategy, web audits, content/information management, solutions for e-business Marketing 666
JC, Miami, FL 5-10 Years Procurement, Supply Chain, Best-inClass, optimization, e-business, Inventory, CRM, SCM Distribution / Logistics 969
PC, Berea, OH 5-10 Years Management Systems Auditing & Consulting; Full Service General Management 124
DH, N Beach, CA 5-10 Years Technical Entertainment facilities Design and Project Management Engineering 391
PD, Minneapolis, MN 1-3 Years supply chain management manufacturing distribution peoplesoft oracle project mgmt training Manufacturing 1668
JD, Crescent Springs, KY 1-3 Years Aviation, Business Analysis,Process Re-engineering, Change Management, Technology Strategy General Management 1569
ME, Chicago, IL 3-5 Years coaching and consulting in management and information technology Strategic Planning 998
CS, Wilton NH 5-10 Years Business results improvement; organizational change; systems design and implementation General Management 1756
GL, Acton, MA 3-5 Years Design develop deliver instructional support material for workforce development training e-learning Training 334
EK, Piscataway, NJ 3-5 Years Management consulting New Economy Human Resources Development 1113
1-3 Years Global, Asian, Sourcing, Supply Chain, Customs, Trade, International, Logistics, 3PL, negotiation Distribution / Logistics 1645
EH, Hartford, CT 5-10 Years Management, Marketing and Manufacturing Consulting - Europe/North America Other 203
JG, Northboro, MA 5-10 Years Management Consultation, Training, Organizational Development, Ecexutive Coaching, Human Resources Human Resources Development 369
MV, Allen, TX Just Starting Transportation, supply chain, systems Distribution / Logistics 1197
RHT, El Cajon, CA 1-3 Years management, leadership, communication, teams, performance management, customer service/satisfaction Training 74
5-10 Years Management, industrial engineering, consulting, training, safety strategic MIS, quality ergonomics General Management 1438
1-3 Years Supply Chain Process Redesign and System Implementation Distribution / Logistics 1342
KR, Ephatra, PA 1-3 Years Logistics / Distribution / Transportation / WMS / Ecommerce / Operations / Inventory Distribution / Logistics 1217
RK, Sacremento, CA 5-10 Years management consulting through facilitation and mediation General Management 689
JM, Alexandria, VA Over 15 Years economic analysis, custom economic tools, negotiation and litigation support Finance 1690
LC, Cumberland, RI 3-5 Years Management consultant and trainer preparing businesses for the workplace of the future. Training 938
5-10 Years Management, Java, CRM, EPR, Training, Technology 1051
3-5 Years supply chain design; Manugistics implementation; network optimization; training; systems integration Distribution / Logistics 1824
KB, Slidell, LA 1-3 Years Business Process Reengineering,Application Development,System Engineering, Healthcare consulting Technology 420
Over 15 Years supply chain, business analyst, project manager, product manager Technology 1788
PS, Seattle, WA 5-10 Years Engineered Systems Engineering 996
1-3 Years Business development, negotiations, procurement, supply management Strategic Planning 1448
RS, Roseland, NJ 5-10 Years Management Services to Underperforming & Troubled Businesses Please select 954
RM, Danville, CA 3-5 Years IT infrastructure specialist including cost cutting, architecting, increased efficiency. Technology 1358
RC, Germantown, TN 1-3 Years turnarounds acquisitions divestitures joint ventures General Management 1104
PC, Sunnyvale, CA 3-5 Years Supply Chain, logistics, material handling, technology and software systems consulting Other 1185
PB, Rancho SM, CA 5-10 Years SAP, Project Management, Supply Chain Optimization Distribution / Logistics 428
WB, Bogart, GA 3-5 Years Manufacturing productivity, lean manufacturing, continuous improvement processes, business developme Manufacturing 1138
RJ, Rockford, IL Over 15 Years Strategy Design, Formulation, Implementation and Performance Measurement Strategic Planning 1149
JH, Hingham, MA 5-10 Years Embedded hardware/firmware, Windows support software, communications, wireless telemetry, data serve Engineering 915
WS, Escondido, CA 1-3 Years Supply Chain and Materials Management Operations 1175
EM, Dennis, MA 5-10 Years Strategy, Facility Planning, Warehousing, Trucking, Productivity , Inventory, Training Distribution / Logistics 1077
RN, Roswell, GA 5-10 Years efficiency effectiveness - process - consultant - experience based - broad range of experience General Management 1080
JH, San Francisco, CA 5-10 Years Consulting & Training in Business Excellence, Organizational Development, Quality Management General Management 70
WW, Cincinnati, OH 5-10 Years Senior Manufacturing Engineer Manufacturing 1152


(this data is a small representative sample of consultants available through The Consulting Exchange.)

To learn more - please feel free to contact us at: 1-617-576-2100

To get the right supply chain management consultant, now - tell us about your situation and objectives and The Consulting Exchange will hand-select the consultant with the right skills, expertise and experience for your needs.

If you're a seasoned independent consultant with a record of client satisfaction, find out how to join The Consulting Exchange.

If you'd like to learn more about The Consulting Exchange, give a call - or click here.


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