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Thinking Strategically

If you realize you need more than what a book about strategic planning can provide, you have come to the right place.

We are frequently approached by clients who are interested in someone to come in and do strategic planning for them - as it relates to their use of techology.

Where we add value to the process is by referring experts who have "been there and done that" and can add exceptional value to the process, the resulting plan and subsequent changes.

Please give us a call TODAY -- perhaps we have just the right consultant for you.

To get the right strategic planning consultant, now - tell us about your situation and objectives and The Consulting Exchange will hand-select the consultant with the right skills, expertise and experience for your needs.

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Below is a sample resume of a representative consultant specializing in strategic planning who is listed in our referral service database.

For information about this consultant or if you would like to use the services of The Consulting Exchange, please call 1-617-576-2100.

AG, a Boston-based LLC founded in early 2001, focuses on assisting clients in achieving significant change in their business. AG does this through two primary strategies: the use of business people experienced in most facets of running a business, large or small; and through the use of proven methodologies developed and tested over time.

The three principals of AG have more than 40 years of business experience collectively, including positions ranging from company founders, to chief marketing officers, to marketing managers, to chief technology officers, to business development, to field sales and service. The AG principals have held senior management positions in some of the largest companies in the world - News Corporation, Sprint, and Texas Instruments - and held founding positions and senior management positions in a variety of media, technology, ecommerce, and service-based startups.

Additional team members and strategic partners have a wide range of capabilities, in the areas of marketing, public relations, product launches, primary research, IT project management, and expertise in several technology areas, including wireless and ecommerce.

AG brings this practical, hands-on experience to its client engagements. AG asks the difficult questions of what are the most important things that can be done to make a fundamental difference in this business. AG then partners with its clients to implement the results of this initial discovery process. AG is different in that it is not comprised of consultants or market researchers.

The AG team is comprised of experienced business people with a strong understanding of how to be successful given limited resources and time. The AG team conducts what-if exercises and market research to help deepen the understanding of a particular client business issues, and helps clients make decisions based on this information and that of collective experience base.

Recent Engagements

Members of the AG have been involved in the following engagements:

- The repositioning of an Internet startup, assisting in moving it from a consumer-oriented business, to one providing technology services to large retailer websites. AG principals played an active role in the day-to-day management and repositioning of the company. The company was subsequently purchased by a larger player for its technology.

- The overall redesign and reimplementation of the customer experience (website and call center) for a large consumer electronics retailer. This work led to higher conversion rates and increased satisfaction, while at the same time boosting marketing ROI.

- The repositioning of a publishing services firm, helping senior management to plan and implement a broadening of its sales and channel strategies.

- The launch of an Internet direct marketing infrastructure provider. AG principals assisted in the overall positioning of the company and took a primary role in identifying, recruiting and managing initial customers for the company's service offering.

AG Methodology

The AG client engagement methodology is based on the following foundation:

- A period of discovery. This activity, which uncovers the key challenges facing a business, may be part of a strategic planning session or composed of extensive primary research, with internal constituents and/or external consumers...whatever is most appropriate to the situation.

- Setting of goals and checkpoints. Once the key challenges have been documented, the AG team and the client together identify and set a number of strategic goals. These goals may be as broad as launching a new product line or as specific as increasing revenue per partner. Checkpoints are set to ensure that progress is made toward the goals and plans are put in place to achieve these goals. Checkpoints are typically as specific as specific as weekly evaluation of website conversion rates.

- Ongoing monitoring of goals, checkpoints and overall progress to goal achievement. AG remains involved in a project to ensure that goals are met. We work closely with the client to conduct a knowledge transfer and transition of relationships at a point when the client is ready to assume full responsibility for the project. Until then, we remain involved as the primary operators of the project and contact for outside relationships.

It has been the experience at AG that without these three components, most strategic initiatives have little chance of success. For an organization to succeed, it must first understand the environment in which change is being contemplated. Then, specific goals and measurements of progress toward those goals must be established, and third, a process of monitoring and directing must be put in place to ensure that progress is made and goals are met.

AG Principals

LL, Managing Partner

In addition to seven years of building and managing a leading consulting practice at IDC, L has held founding or senior team roles at several startups, including VP Business Development of OutOfOffice Technology, Director of Business Development at, and head of marketing at News Internet Services (a division of News Corporation).

JS, Partner, Customer Experience Practice

Leveraging her background in both marketing and organizational behavior, Julianne has managed award-winning (and revenue-producing) websites for several large companies, including SprintPCS and Part of her work involves coordinating the customer-centric web environments and call centers to provide a fully integrated marketing environment.

AL, Partner, Technology Practice

Arthur has built several service businesses that leverage technology investments for business advantage. Most recently he built and managed a technology integration firm that provided services to a large pharmaceutical firm, the Arthur D. Little School of Management, and others.

(this sample data is only presented as a representative example of a consultant referred through The Consulting Exchange.)

To learn more - please feel free to contact us at: 1-617-576-2100

To get the right strategic planning consultant, now - tell us about your situation and objectives and The Consulting Exchange will hand-select the consultant with the right skills, expertise and experience for your needs.

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If you'd like to learn more about The Consulting Exchange, give a call - or click here.

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