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Strategic Planning

If you realize you need more than what a book about strategic planning can provide, you have come to the right place.

We are frequently approached by clients who are interested in someone to come in and do strategic planning for them.

Where we add value to the process is by referring experts who have "been there and done that" and can add exceptional value to the process, the resulting plan and subsequent changes.

For many, strategic planning is a process that generates a plan that gets everyone excited, but when it is over, the nicely bound plan gets left "on the shelf" and little if anything changes.

The process can break down for many reasons.

Discomfort with the process is quite common.

Either people have heard it all before and know that these exercises are just that - or they are uncomfortable with the "touchy-feely" language, or they are just plain uncomfortable.

Some start with a "feel - good" session and leave it at that.

We work to introduce our clients to highly qualified strategic planning consultants who, in addition to bringing deep knowledge and experience with the common tools of strategic planning, they offer what we call "good deskside manner" and may include a working understanding of the specific industry and stakeholders.

Strategic planning can also break down because the individual doing the facilitating is unable to establish credibility or otherwise to build trust in the relationship.

We strive improve the chances of success by introducing you to consultants who not only are competent in the strategic planning process, they also have the appropriate background, credibility and chemistry to get the job done right the first time.

Please give us a call TODAY -- perhaps we have just the right consultant for you.

To get the right strategic planning consultant, now - tell us about your situation and objectives and The Consulting Exchange will hand-select the consultant with the right skills, expertise and experience for your needs.

If urgent, call The Consulting Exchange directly at 1-617-576-2100.

If you'd like to learn more about The Consulting Exchange, give a call - or click here.

You are invited to SEARCH our database to find specific expertise and to view resumes and request introductions. To do so - please use our SEARCH function.

Below is a short summary of some consultants listed in our referral service database. For more detailed information please use the SEARCH function.

ID/Location Experience Skills Resume
CA, Weston, MA 3-5 Years branding, positioning, marketing communications, market research, advertising, public relations, CRM Marketing  
RE, Rowley, MA 10-15 Years CRM, Project Management, ZLE, CIO, VP, CTO, CKO, eBusiness Technology  
HS, Burlington, MA 3-5 Years Strategic planning for companies seeking Internet Strategies Strategic Planning  
MS, Swanton, VT 3-5 Years BPR, reengineering Other  
CP, Falmouth, ME 1-3 Years international, marketing, defense industry, strategy, training, Europe, Middle East General Management  
SL, Sudbury, MA 5-10 Years Improve company performance through better use of technology; focus is CRM, Knowledge management, and process engineering Technology  
LL, Newton, MA 5-10 Years change management, facilitation, strategic planning, interim management team, business development strategic planning  
SA, Benicia, CA 5-10 Years Diversity, organizational development, change, strategic planning, marketing promotion, Training  
AB, Mahwah, NJ 3-5 Years Management & Operational improvements, productivity gains, value added, increased shareholder value. Engineering  
EA, Apache, AZ 5-10 Years Become better equipped to work with the rapidly changing world. strategic planning  
RH, Vienna, VA 5-10 Years strategic planning IT alignment JAD BPR project management Technology  
JB, Carlise, MA 5-10 Years Project managent, strategy and implementation, education and distance learning, finance Finance  
FH, Newton, MA 5-10 Years Business Modeling, Outsourcing, Re-engineering, Process Design, Strategy, Competitive Intelligence General Management  
HP, Northbrook, IL 5-10 Years general management, strategic planning, m&a, alliances, start-ups, operations improvement General Management  
CC. Sudbury, MA 3-5 Years strategic alliances Technology  
JC, Hartford, CT 5-10 Years Organizational/Information Technology Consulting, strategic planning, Competitive Assessments General Management  
10-15 Years strategic planning manufacturing service technology financial strategic planning  
CE, Orlando, FL 5-10 Years Help organizations increase their effectiveness and profitability. Strategic Planning  
PF, Bolton, MA 3-5 Years strategic planning,enterprise-wide system deployments,e-commerce,data conversions,project management Technology  
PM, Cambridge, MA 5-10 Years Consulting and Training in organizational design, negotiation management, and conflict resolution Other  
JH, Framingham, MA 1-3 Years Marketing plans, competitive analysis, strategic planning, positioning, market analysis, branding Marketing  
JF, Barrington, RI 1-3 Years Strategic Planning, Organizational Re-Engineering, Market Initiatives, Technology Integration General Management  
RD, Dallas, TX 5-10 Years Change management,Process redesign,CRM,Strategic planning, Performance measures General Management  
WE, Rochester, WI 3-5 Years executive management, turnaround,negotiating, Employee Welfare, Corporate policy, etc General Management  
ME, Chicago, IL 3-5 Years coaching and consulting in management and information technology Strategic Planning  
JE, McKinney, TX 3-5 Years tenant representative brokerage Other  
HL, Solana Beach, CA 5-10 Years Business & strategic planning, market reseach and strategies, organizational development Please select  
HF, Creeskill, NJ 5-10 Years direct marketing, advertising, sales promotion, new product development, copywriting, strategic plan Marketing  
Over 15 Years Investment Banking, Financal, Corporate Finance, Strategic Planning, Investor Relations Finance  
10-15 Years Killer business plans - strategic planning - feasibility study - technology experienced - Internet Strategic Planning  
GM, Ontario, Canada 5-10 Years Benchmarking, Balanced Scorecards, Best Practices, Performance & Project Management, HR Outsourcing Other  
JL, Underhill, VT 5-10 Years Start up, turnaround, CEO/COO/CFO services General Management  
JK, Erie, PA 5-10 Years Planning and improvemnt. All types of organizations General Management  
JC, Northampton, MA 3-5 Years Non profit management, project and special events coordination, volunteer management Marketing  
SC, Mclean, VA 3-5 Years Strategic Planning, Stakeholder Analysis, Business Case Development, Market Segmentation Strategic Planning  
10-15 Years Customer Service/Call Center strategic planning, process,IT & Telephony architecture desingn Strategic Planning  
BB, Dallas, TX 5-10 Years Facilitation, Process Intergration, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Training Strategic Planning  
BL, Brentwood, TN 5-10 Years strategic planning; business plans; facilitation; market anaysis; research Strategic Planning  
TT, Arlington, MA 5-10 Years Health care and social service financial analysis, operations, regulatory, strategy Operations  
CM, Chelmsford, MA 1-3 Years market research, marketing, planning, business analysis, product development, business development Marketing  
SB, Louisville, KY 3-5 Years health care, managed care, provider contracting, utilization review, HMO, PPO, hospital General Management  
GR, Laguna Hills, CA 3-5 Years We position new products and technology for distribution. Retail, Wholesale, Channels -Sales Marketing  
LN, Huntington B. CA 3-5 Years Financial Management, General Business Management, ERP Systems Please select  
GT, Minneapolis, MN 5-10 Years Strategic Planning, Channel Partnerships, Team Building, Training Strategic Planning  
PH, London, UK 5-10 Years strategic planning, management consulting, international, World Conservation General Management  
KL, Westboro, MA 3-5 Years strategic planning & marketing, sales development, customer service enhancement, HR development Human Resources Development  
GF, Tallahasse, FL 3-5 Years Change management organization that deals with organizational effectiveness Human Resources Development  
HR, NJ 3-5 Years Aviation Consultants, Airline Consulting, Aerospace, Airlines, Aircraft, Airports, Flight Strategic Planning  
RB, N Hills, CA 5-10 Years Network administrator Technology  
RR, Holland, PA 5-10 Years marketing, business process planning, strategic planning, training, seminars General Management  
DS, Boston, MA 3-5 Years computer technology small business nonprofit network internet microsoft information web Technology  
RS, Chester NY 3-5 Years security, security consulting, security consultant, security expert, workplace violence Operations  
RS. Seattle, WA 5-10 Years Product Planning, Product Design, Product Launch, Project/Program Management, Scalability, QFD Strategic Planning  
RS, Newmarket, NH 3-5 Years Service, Support, Modeling, Forecasting, New Product Introduction (NPI), BPR, Change Management General Management  
RB, Canton, OH 3-5 Years General Management Consulting, Strategic Planning,Mgt. Development, Marketing General Management  
CS-M, Hygiene, CO 5-10 Years Organizational development with specialties in equity & diversity. Training  
PT, Oceanport NJ 5-10 Years Product development/industrial design, manufacturing, design engineering, product management, patent Engineering  
RSM, Amherst, MA 5-10 Years Economic and Community Development Consultants Other  
WB, Bogart, GA 3-5 Years Manufacturing productivity, lean manufacturing, continuous improvement processes, business developme Manufacturing  
JP, St Paul, MN 5-10 Years Strategy, Six Sigma, Process Improvement, Project Management, Best Practices, Competitive Analysis Strategic Planning  
RJ, Rockford, IL Over 15 Years Strategy Design, Formulation, Implementation and Performance Measurement Strategic Planning  
FF, Lexington, MA 5-10 Years Plan, Study, Develop, Enhance, Train, Manage, Change, Integrate, Promote, Market Technology  
10-15 Years Marketing, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Senior Management, P&L Marketing  
AF, Bolton, MA 5-10 Years enterprise design, change management, project management, strategic planning, culture transformation Other  
DT, Concord, MA 3-5 Years Internet Business Architects, Strategic Planning and development for Internet based businesses Strategic Planning  
JB, West Tisbury, MA 5-10 Years Executive Team Building and Leadership Development Human Resources Development  
5-10 Years Triage, program/project "turnarounds", strategic planning, operations, technology Strategic Planning  
JH, San Francisco, CA 5-10 Years Consulting & Training in Business Excellence, Organizational Development, Quality Management General Management  
DN, Randolph, MA 5-10 Years Interim CFO, Controller, CEO, COO, Turnarounds, M&A, IPO Finance  
VC, Gloucester, MA 5-10 Years organization effectiveness, change management, team building, global diversity, productivity Other  
RD, Oakwood, GA 3-5 Years Turnarounds, CFO, CEO, Management, Venture Funding, M&A's, strategic planning, start-ups, bizdevelop Finance  
JW, Venice, CA 5-10 Years Strategic Management, Planning & Implementation, Business Development, Change Management Strategic Planning  


(this data is a small representative sample of consultants referred through The Consulting Exchange.)

To learn more - please feel free to contact us at: 1-617-576-2100

To get the right strategic planning consultant, now - tell us about your situation and objectives and The Consulting Exchange will hand-select the consultant with the right skills, expertise and experience for your needs.

If you're a seasoned independent consultant with a record of client satisfaction, find out how to join The Consulting Exchange.

If you'd like to learn more about The Consulting Exchange, give a call - or click here.

You are invited to SEARCH our database to find specific expertise and to view resumes and request introductions. To do so - please use our SEARCH function.


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