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Consultant ID Experience Skills  
SS, Brookline, MA 5-10 Years internet ecommerce strategy, implementation
DS, Carlisle, MA 5-10 Years Industrial Engineering, facilities planning, distribution and logistics, oversee moves
NC, Waltham, MA 10 - 25 telecommunications, telephone systems selection and cost auditing, voice and data
RS, Washington DC 5-10 Years Result assurance, team development, organizational design, conflict resolution
JC, Northampton, MA 3-5 Years Non profit management, project and special events coordination, volunteer management
GH, Cambridge, MA 3 - 5 Workflow analysis, process redesign, Software engineering, Instrumentation,
FH, Newton, MA 5-10 Years Business Modeling, Outsourcing, Re-engineering, Process Design, Strategy, Competitive Intelligence
MA, Poughquag, NY 5-10 Years Offering Computer Consulting in WindowsNT4.0, DBA(Oracle,Sybase,MSSQL)
WA, Kansas City, MO 3-5 Years Software Development, Internet, C++, Java, DHTML, Microsoft, Consultants, Computers, Oracle, SQL
NA, Malden, MA 3-5 Years financial analysis, credit analysis, market strategy/analysis, budget, forecasting, modeling
DK, Paramus, NJ 1-3 Years Manufacturing & Operational; Consulting,Training,Continuous Improvement
LM, Newbury MA 5-10 Years providing contract staffing service
JJ, Marietta OH 5-10 Years Providing Petroleum engineering services for oil and gas wells.
RC, Marietta GA 5-10 Years Software Services including Contracting and Consulting
JH, San Francisco, CA 5-10 Years Consulting & Training in Business Excellence, Organizational Development, Quality Management
MP, Cambridge, MA 5-10 Years A multi-disciplined graphic design firm with a diverse range of clients.
GW, Cheshire, UK 5-10 Years Highly experienced Director/Senior Manager with excellent achievement in large & small companies.
JF, Katohah, NY 5-10 Years semiconductors, solar cell, optical characterization, dielectrics, GaAs, Si, InP
RHT, El Cajon, CA 1-3 Years management, leadership, communication, teams, performance management, customer service/satisfaction
JMS, Brighton, MA 1-3 Years I am an independent Macintosh Technical Support/Desktop Support Consultant
SM, Midlothian, VA 5-10 Years Intercultural training & development, global team building, expatriate training,international ethic
CH, CMC, Lakewood WA 5-10 Years Intervention, negotiations, recovery, facilitation, strategic & business planning
KR, Lincoln, MA 5-10 Years Visioning, strategy, planning, alignment, market focus, work process, measurement, collaborative
MAJ, Randolph, NJ 5-10 Years Financial Services Management. Turnaround specialist for large operations, including s/w development
JM, LosAngeles, CA 5-10 Years Pro-active and Reactive ( Feedback) control analyst, Dynamic and Structures Analyst
DM, Marshfield, MA 3-5 Years windows nt, hubs, routers, hardware, software, tcp/ip,ras, ppp, internet, e-commerce, html, modems,
PR, Avon, OH 5-10 Years Affirmative Action, EEO, Human Resources, Equal Opportunity, OFCCP
GF, Tallahasse, FL 3-5 Years Change management organization that deals with organizational effectiveness
MS, Cambridge, MA 5-10 Years Strategic internet consulting and development
OF, Moscow, Russia 1-3 Years Marketing and management consulting for CIS and foreign companies. Diagnostics. Strategy planning.
EM, Scituate, MA 5-10 Years Consultant Rubber Technology , Development, Process, Production, Instruction
MK, Charles, Ill 5-10 Years MHC is an industrial engineering oriented firm specializing in materials handling systems.
JSA, Newton, MA 5-10 Years web development, web programming, javascript, active server pages, web-database communications
NR, Palo Alto, CA 1-3 Years Oracle Database Design and Implementation, Infrastructure Planning, Performance Tuning
JD, Houston, TX 5-10 Years valuation, capital raising
CS-M, Hygiene, CO 5-10 Years Organizational development with specialties in equity & diversity.
VA, Charlestown, MA 5-10 Years Compters, networks, internet, web design, search engine placement, IT, Windows NT
PB, Quincy, MA 5-10 Years Fire Protection & Safety Engineering & Building Code Consulting
RP, W Hills, CA 3-5 Years Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Stress, Deformation, Heat Transfer, CFD and Mold Flow Simulations
EB, Newton, MA 5-10 Years biofluids, fluid mechanics, hemodynamics, medical devices, engineering, analysis
JS, Litiz, PA 5-10 Years product design, project management, mechanical, FEA & CFD analysis, structures, thermal, plastics
HR, NJ 3-5 Years Aviation Consultants, Airline Consulting, Aerospace, Airlines, Aircraft, Airports, Flight
CP, Falmouth, ME 1-3 Years international, marketing, defense industry, strategy, training, Europe, Middle East
MH, Danville CA 1-3 Years Productivity, Software Applications, Systems Development, Microsoft, Feasibility, Project Mangement
PT, Oceanport NJ 5-10 Years Product development/industrial design, manufacturing, design engineering, product management, patent
VC, Gloucester, MA 5-10 Years organization effectiveness, change management, team building, global diversity, productivity
RR, Peterborough, NH 5-10 Years Organization Development, Training, Change Management, Coaching, Team Bldg.
CGS, Arlington, MA 3-5 Years Investment systems, STP, business development, product marketing, software startups
JO, Kingston, NH 5-10 Years Marketing, strategy, productivity, profitability, assessments, studies, management, planning, operat
EE, W New York, NJ 5-10 Years Network installation, Upgrades Maintance of pc, Thin Clients, MS windows NT , Novell
SF, Cambridge, MA 3-5 Years IT strategy, communications, specializing in company moves, desktop support
MS, Swanton, VT 3-5 Years BPR, reengineering
TL, Tyngsboro, MA 1-3 Years Mechanical Design, Product Development, Drafting, Manufacturing, Design, AutoCAD, CAD, CAM,
CD, Newton, MA 5-10 Years Real estate, development, permitting, planning, project management, management
LS, Arlington, MA 5-10 Years The searle group provides strategic marketing to communicate value.
JD, Newport News, VA 3-5 Years We are a leading provider of computer networking installation and support
GF, Tallahassee, FL 5-10 Years Organizational effectiveness through strategic, leadership and team alignment
J-PL, Oak Park, IL 5-10 Years network, security, data, ATM, multiservice
VV, Boston, MA 5-10 Years direct response, direct mail marketing, market planning, branding, financial analysis, marketing ROI
RM, Palo Alto, CA 1-3 Years CRM, Sales Process, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation,
DS, Braintree, MA 5-10 Years database (Sybase, Interbase, DB2), C/Perl/UNIX
BK, Phillipsburg, NJ 5-10 Years cad,solid modeling,rapid prototyping,mold design,engineering,fea,analysis
MD, Northboro, MA 3-5 Years Coating, conversion, chemical processing as it applies to manufacturing
JA, Salem, MA 1-3 Years site searching, negotiating contracts for space and equipment and services,
JM, Los Angeles, CA 3-5 Years Human resources, employee handbook, personnel, policy, HR, employee management
IH, Wellesley, MA 3-5 Years marketing software and services to Norway, Scandinavia, Europe
HK, Staufenberg, Germany 5-10 Years Consulting, e-Marketing and sales for pushing businesses and products online
GM, Ontario, Canada 5-10 Years Benchmarking, Balanced Scorecards, Best Practices, Performance & Project Management, HR Outsourcing
RC, Novato, CA 5-10 Years marketing, sales, customer service, research, start-up, management
DM, Reading, MA Just Starting Digital Imaging Integration, Evaluation, and Training
AB, Boston, MA 1-3 Years Consulting CFO, Controller, Accounting Project Manager
KR, Fort Collins, CO 1-3 Years new product introduction and development, FDA medical products, automotive, production startups
CD, Indianapolis, IN 5-10 Years gainsharing, gain sharing, pay for performance, incentives
SL, Arlington, MA 5-10 Years Research, Management Consulting, Outsourcing, Organizational Design, Training
BS, Zurich 3-5 Years thinking learning communicating - stragtegic branding - knowledge management
RD, Amherst, NH 1-3 Years C++, Java, Object Oriented, OOA, OOD, NT, Web,
NK, Cambridge, MA 5-10 Years information systems networks technology strategy Windows NT UNIX Cisco Linux OpenVMS TCP/IP
EH, Hartford, CT 5-10 Years Management, Marketing and Manufacturing Consulting - Europe/North America
BN, Leesburg, IN 5-10 Years VB, VFP, Foxpro, SQL Server, Barcode, Data Collection,C++, e-commerce,
JC, Norwood, MA 3-5 Years PeopleSoft Developer, Technical Lead, Financials, Human Resource and Student
MR, Marietta, GA 3-5 Years PeopleSoft Technical Consulting
ML, Lakewood, CO 5-10 Years Telephony, Quality Assurance, Business Analyist, Access Products & Services, CABS (IABS), CRIS
DG, Gilman, TX 5-10 Years Small to medium database projects are our speciality, subcontracting is welcome.
PC, Lexington, MA 5-10 Years Installation Software Development, QA and Business Intelligence/Research
JB, West Tisbury, MA 5-10 Years Executive Team Building and Leadership Development
JT, Tonawanda, NY 5-10 Years Project based Safety, Risk Management, and organizational effectiveness
LL, New Britain, CT 3-5 Years Lean MRP ERP Inventory SMED Strategic Operations Planning Supplier TQM
KK, Dracut, MA 3-5 Years Affordable: Importing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Electronics Purchasing Management
MM, Malden, MA 5-10 Years UNIX developer in systems, application and internet applications
TM, Lewiston, ME 5-10 Years finance, financial modeling, cost accounting, industrial engineering, MRP
MM, Everett, MA 3-5 Years Print Broker, Design strategies, Idea implementation, Package Design, Advertising & Marketing
DB, Brookline, MA 5-10 Years strategic consulting and market research, focus-customers & processes
AD, E Greenwich, RI 3-5 Years team & organizational learning; change management; effectiveness; organization development
LO, Danville, CA 5-10 Years Lean Manufacturing, Toyota Production system and Management consulting
EB, Sunnyvale, CA 3-5 Years Spread Spectrum Wireless technology
BN, Lexington, MA 5-10 Years Helping build strategic change in complex organisations
RB, Leyden, MA 3-5 Years embedded systems design, instrumentation and control systems, programming, hardware
MH, Marblehead, MA 5-10 Years Building brand awareness with Fortune 500 marketing expertise
CA - New Windsor, NY 5-10 Years Computer related (programming, customization, analysis, management)
JW, Venice, CA 5-10 Years Strategic Management, Planning & Implementation, Business Development, Change Management
RM, Plaistow, NH 3-5 Years Organizational advancement for nonprofits and businesses (PR, fundraising, marketing)
JS, Somerville, MA 5-10 Years Internet Network NT Unix Mac Graphics 3D Television Video Streaming
RM, Stoughton, MA 1-3 Years Telecommunications, Regulatory and Marketing consulting for CLECs
SS, Boston, MA 1-3 Years network and desktop solutions provider, systems integration, ongoing support contracts
BCB, Framingham, MA 3-5 Years Conduct needs assessments, team building and workflow analysis
JH, Scotts Valley CA 5-10 Years Transportation, Logistics, Freight, Distribution, Carriers, Rate, Negotiation, Traffic
DK, Lynn, MA 5-10 Years Macintosh drivers,code resources, embedded Motorola
KR, Scituate, MA 1-3 Years Analyzing voice and data communications, networks, Lans, WANs, NT, AIX, OS400
BM, Dacula, GA 5-10 Years International Telecommunications Initiatives for wireline, wirelesss, CATV and Broadband
MS, Concord, MA 1-3 Years Marketing consulting with an entrepreneurial point of view
JM, Westwood, MA 5-10 Years venture investor, operating executive, entrepreneur, outside director
DS, Boston, MA 3-5 Years computer technology small business nonprofit network internet microsoft information web
DG, Barbados 1-3 Years Caribbean Research, ecconomic, politcal, statistics,
BL, Brentwood, TN 5-10 Years strategic planning; business plans; facilitation; market anaysis; research
PS, Philadelphia, PA 3-5 Years Hardware/Software Certification Analyst
TM, Shrewsbury, MA 1-3 Years Turnarounds, Performance Improvement, WorldClass Manufacturing, Kaizens, Engineering productivity
JL, Natick, MA 5-10 Years CAFM, Computer-aided Facility Management, CADD Drafting, Space Planning, Asset Management
HT, Chicago, IL 5-10 Years Quality, Engineering and Process/Profit Improvement Solutions
CJ, Simsbury, CT 1 - 3 Years Individual Effectiveness Coaching; Executive Leadership; Teamwork
TM, Ashland, OH 3 - 5 Years Manufacturing Operations, TQM, turn-arounds, SPC, MRP, scheduling, plastics
PT, Andover, MA 5-10 Years strategy and marketing, forecasting, advanced statistical analysis, expert witness
CC. Sudbury, MA 1-3 Years b2b e-commerce, business & market strategy, strategic alliances
JI, Danvers, MA 5-10 Years business efficiency improvement, accelerated velocity for new product introduction, Information Tech
JD, Brighton, MA 5-10 Years eCommerce Strategies, Brand Development, Technology Strategies,
DM, Acton, MA 5-10 Years Quality, FDA, documentation, audit, training, validation, software quality, medical device
SP, Burns, TN 1-3 Years Engineering Consultants, Energy Asset Engineers, CAD, Automation, Project, Mechanical, Electrical
JL, Rockland, MA 3-5 Years Training, documentation and courseware development
SW, Worcester, MA 5-10 Years marketing, web, and e-business services for high technology
HL, Solana Beach, CA 5-10 Years Business & strategic planning, market reseach and strategies, organizational development
CG, Leominster, MA 5-10 Years marketing communications strategy and services - print, multimedia, video, & events
JL, Prince Georg, VA 3-5 Years Training, Information loss prevent Information technology security corporate espionage prevention,
ML, Hyde Park, MA 3-5 Years IT project management, client/server systems development, implementation and integration
MO, Ontario, Canada 5-10 Years Debt risk management, refinancing, market research and planning, business financing
CC, W Warwick, RI 3-5 Years Injection molded plastics consulting, trianing, tooling design, injection molding, repair.
JF, Barrington, RI 1-3 Years Strategic Planning, Organizational Re-Engineering, Market Initiatives, Technology Integration
HC, Wellesley, MA 5-10 Years Public relations, public participation, marketing collaterals, community relations, special events,
VL, Seatte, WA 5-10 Years SME on enterprise continuity planning, emergency planning, response and recovery
JT, Jefferson, MA 5-10 Years Fire Protection engineering, firesafety system design, fire investigation, firesafety product design
HC, Seol, Korea 5-10 Years information at every level, trade, industry, market, commodity, facilitation services
IS, Lynnfield, MA 5-10 Years MS Access design and development , Application design and development
MT, Bloomfield, NJ 1-3 Years Design surveys and experiemnts, analyze data and make forecasts, SAS, SPSS, Minitab, Mathmatica
JS, Poulsbo, WA 5-10 Years Quality, TQM,ISO9000,Assessments, Employee surveys, Training, JIT, Facility layout, Construction Mgm
JF, Pompton Pl, NJ 1-3 Years Available for assignments with logisitcs, distribution, & industrial engineering skills required
DH, Rochester, NY 5-10 Years change agent, management consultant, operations management, leadership, small business
RS, Chester NY 1-3 Years security consulting, security outsourcing, workplace violence prevention and response
JW, Somerville, MA 5-10 Years electricity deregulation, simulation, general economics, e-commerce, auctions, strategy, negotiation
MA, Bolton, MA 5-10 Years Strategic objective development and action (operations change) implementation
JB, Boston, MA 5-10 Years strategic marketing, sales process, sales training, market share growth, sales growth
JC, Needham, MA 1-3 Years Management Consulting, Instructional Design and Facilitation, Organization Development
FF, Lexington, MA 5-10 Years Plan, Study, Develop, Enhance, Train, Manage, Change, Integrate, Promote, Market
AD, Billerica, MA 5-10 Years Bookkeeping, Accounting, Training, Quickbooks, Peachtree, Business Services, Administrative Services
LR, Belmont, MA 5-10 Years NIH grant writing, raising money for health and science organizations, advanced proposal writing
RR, Wayland, MA 1-3 Years Project management, family business planning, operations streamlining, customer service enhancement
TD, New York, NY 5-10 Years Database, Microsoft, SQL, Project Management, System Analysis, Visual Basic
WP, Duluth, GA 5-10 Years Consultant to the International agricultural based food industry, project implementation
KB, Coppell, TX 5-10 Years International product development, food/beverages/consumer goods
CW, Berkeley, CA 5-10 Years Magazine Publishing Consultants, Business Plan Analysis, Strategic Planning
JH, Framingham, MA 1-3 Years Marketing plans, competitive analysis, strategic planning, positioning, market analysis, branding
JG, Northboro, MA 5-10 Years Management Consultation, Training, Organizational Development, Ecexutive Coaching, Human Resources
AK, Cambridge, MA 5-10 Years Scientific & Technical Writing - Web, Radio, & Video production - public relations & Editing
MH, Acton, MA 5-10 Years Product Design, Professional CAD Training, Industrial Design, Manufacturing Engineering
HS, Brookline, MA 5-10 Years Web site design, software development, SQL database, Flash, HTML, ASP, PHP
JB, Chesnut Hill, MA 5-10 Years Marketing Consulting, Graphic Design, Print Collateral, & Mixed Media Presentations
CS, Milford, NH 5-10 Years real-time, embedded, motion control
HK, Portland, OR 5-10 Years international investment bankers, business consultants, legal affair managers globally
AC, UK 1-3 Years printing, forms, purchasing, reducing operating costs,
CW, Scituate, MA 1-3 Years A business to business infomediary consultancy marketing and sales professionals
RZ, Santa Rosa, CA 5-10 Years warehouse distribution logistics order fulfillment
DG, Fitchburg, MA 5-10 Years software, databases, visual foxpro , html, VPF, dynamic web development, sql server, training
KM, Hudson, NH 5-10 Years Software engineering, experienced C++ JAVA, XML, for third party companies
EV, Milford, MA 5-10 Years Home Based, Small, Med, Start-ups/ Retail, Aviation
DJ, Escondido, CA 3-5 Years diamond tools; diamond saw blades; powdered metal; golf clubs; putters; wedges; metallurgical;
DT, Concord, MA 3-5 Years Internet Business Architects, Strategic Planning and development for Internet based businesses
RA, Atlanta, GA 5-10 Years Strategy formation and Organzation Design, executive coaching, workflow design, compensation
GE, Newton, MA 5-10 Years Internet Strategy, Business Development, Finance, Operations, MIT Sloan Fellow
GL, Acton, MA 3-5 Years Design, develop, deliver instructional & support materials for workforce development, training
CW, Los Angeles, CA 1-3 Years Consult entrepreneurs in networking essentials, e-marketing, and web page design
MM, Los Angeles, CA 5-10 Years General Management, Business Management Consulting and Training, Management and Financial Planning
AB, Brandywine, MD 5-10 Years Hospitality Management: operations, marketing, bookkeeping, accounting, financial management
SB, Somerville, MA 3-5 Years Novell networking, NT, Win 98, Hubs, Routers, Firewalls, and LANS / WANS,
JM, Santa Barb. CA 5-10 Years Create accountability in organizations by leading ownership rather than entitlement
BS, Boxford, MA 5-10 Years Start-ups, turnarounds, accounting systems, obtaining loans/financing, cash management
RSM, Amherst, MA 5-10 Years Economic and Community Development Consultants
MJ, Raleigh NC 5-10 Years Expert in regulatory issues (ADA, Drug-Free Workplace, DOT,NRC,etc. )
AB, San Diego, CA 5-10 Years IT Consulting, network infrastructure, ebusiness solutions, web design, LAN/WAN, marketing
DK, EStroudsburg, PA 5-10 Years Advice & counsel to the Banking, Brokerage and Financial Services Industries
JB, Carlise, MA 5-10 Years Project managent, strategy and implementation, education and distance learning, finance
JK, Burlington, MA 5-10 Years E-Solutions, Application Management, Systems Integration, Software Development
RD, Dallas, TX 5-10 Years Change management,Process redesign,CRM,Strategic planning, Performance measures
GK, Charlotte, NC 5-10 Years Business Process Reengineering in a Banking Environment, Pre-Audit services
VP, W Bloomfield, MI 1-3 Years Business Process Re-engineering, Performance Improvement
JA, Boston, MA 5-10 Years ebusiness, e-commerce, web design and development, web hosting, internet access, database integratio
PH, Hapden, CT 5-10 Years Industrial Psychologists, Executive Coach,, 360 feedback, Attitude Surveys,
AS, Fairfax, VA 1-3 Years full cycle web portal develpment, database design and development, systems integration.
BW, Dalton, MA 1-3 Years Assist with the implementation of Open Book Management via the principles of Great Game of Business
GI, Sandusky, OH 5-10 Years Power & Grounding Consultant. ( Power Distribution & Grounding Problem Solving).
DR, Garfield Hts, OH 5-10 Years Training Internet - Innovation Consulting - Foxpro - FilePro 16 Plus
KL, Westboro, MA 3-5 Years strategic planning & marketing, sales development, customer service enhancement, HR development
AS, Niagra Falls, NY 5-10 Years Providing affordable IT solutions; e-solutions, networking, hardware/software sales, & staffing.
LA, Kingston, RI 3-5 Years Strategic information research and analysis, due diligence, for market penetration to Asia.
NC, Tucson, AZ 1-3 Years website design, computer programming, HTML
G, Sothwick, MA 5-10 Years Compliance experts for extended care providers, PPS/MDS interim support
RF, Saint Paul, MN 5-10 Years Small business computer networks, software consulting
LW, San Jose, CA 3-5 Years Develop marketing programs, marketing communications, strategy, research, and branding.
JS, Oakton, VA 5-10 Years AS400 Consulting, AS400analysis,AS400 design, AS400 programming, support, training,
AM, Falls Church, VA 5-10 Years Training: presentation skills, image, etiquette, customer service, executive coaching
EK, Woodlands, TX 5-10 Years data mining, information modeling, knowledge discovery, customer relationship management
RK, Bristol, RI 5-10 Years Executive Coaching, Testing & Assessment, Outplacement, Succcession Planning
CM, Costa Mesa, CA 3-5 Years Access, Colocation, Managed Hosting, Connectivity, Internet, Hardware, Networking, T1, Security
KJ, Honolulu, HI 1-3 Years Call Center Consulting, CRM Consulting
HB, N Eastham, MA 5-10 Years Marketing, Public Relations, Event Marketing
CS, Westwood, MA 5-10 Years Skills training in Emotional Intelligence, Tension Management, Conflict Negotiations
PG, Newton, MA 1-3 Years strategic planning, business development, international business, Latin America, Europe
JC, Raleigh, NC 1-3 Years Quickbooks Pro Training, Small Business Start UP
NF, Needham, MA 1-3 Years marketing, web strategy, web audits, content/information management, solutions for e-business
WB, Logan, UT 5-10 Years Master Certified Novell Engineer - MCNE Computer Network Manage Administration Design Installation
JW, Beverly, MA 5-10 Years PeopleSoft implementation and software/database design
CA, Weston, MA 3-5 Years branding, positioning, marketing communications, market research, advertising, public relations, CRM
DK, Providence, RI Just Starting turnaround management, Financial institutions, growth capital, Process efficiency
JH, Cedar Pk, TX 5-10 Years small format convenience retailing, category management, supply chain management, design and layout,
PM, Rutherford, NJ 1-3 Years sales, marketing, management, training, health, healthcare
SA, Benicia, CA 5-10 Years Diversity, organizational development, change, strategic planning, marketing promotion,
DG, Marlboro, MA 5-10 Years business process, i.t. integration, operations strategies, mass customization
PS, Newton, MA 5-10 Years fundraising, event management, marketing, sales
RB, Canton, MA 5-10 Years NT, SMTP, DNS, RAS, WINS, DHCP, BackOffice, Exchange Server, ASP, SMS, SQL
GB, Wakfield, MA 5-10 Years Reliability, Quality, Accelerated Testing
AC, Stow, MA 1-3 Years Strategic and tactical business building, Finance, HR, Operations, Venture Capital
JJ, Brecksville, OH Considering instructional design, online course development, distance learning,
G, Edison, NJ 5-10 Years IT consulting, IT Projects, Application Development and Maintenance
SC, Mclean, VA 3-5 Years Strategic Planning, Stakeholder Analysis, Business Case Development, Market Segmentation
PH, Merrimack, NH 3-5 Years Consulting, Developement of Buisness Information Systems
MD, Holyoke, MA 1-3 Years toxicology hazard communication regulatory affairs product registrations
JW, Shirley, MA 5-10 Years biomedical biotechnology e-commerce prototypes manufacturing patents "due diligence" microfluidics
LL, Wellesley, MA 5-10 Years executive compensation consulting, wage and salary, incentive bonus, surveys, competitive analysis
DW, Vestal, NY 3 - 5 Years Expertise in recycling, solid waste processing, commodities marketing.
JS, Manchester, NH 1-3 Years Knowledge-Based Systems Consulting.
PS, Plano, TX 3-5 Years Peoplesoft ERP Implementation, Production Support including Oracle DBA
JS, Oakton, VA 3-5 Years Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention, Information Technology, Strategies & Processes
CL, Providence, RI 5-10 Years Computer and Technology Consultants to Car Dealerships
MT, Rowley, MA 5-10 Years Partner with clients to help create or transform their business for the "new economy".
RB, Newville, PA 5-10 Years Corporate crisis management consultant. Assist companies in preventing, preparing for and respondin
MF, Fairway, KS 3-5 Years housing, community, economic, development, planning, grant, funding, finance, project management
JP, St Paul, MN 5-10 Years Strategy, Six Sigma, Process Improvement, Project Management, Best Practices, Competitive Analysis
DH, Pelham, AL 1-3 Years foundry, quality systems, problem solving, process systems, process control
TH, Danville, CA 5-10 Years communications industry, business process management, activity based costing, provisioning
RZ, Milford, MA 5-10 Years Warehouse Management, Dostributio Logistics Consulting - Implementation, Turnaround, etc.
JC, Burlington, VT 5-10 Years training, program evaluation , action planning, strategic planning, curriculum design, assessment
JS, N Rochelle, NY 3-5 Years Provide operations, finance, facilities, office management and set-up, communications, security, etc
DC, Sunnyvale, TX 5-10 Years systems integration, software development, project management, strategic planning
GT, Minneapolis, MN 5-10 Years Strategic Planning, Channel Partnerships, Team Building, Training
JC, Hartford, CT 5-10 Years Organizational/Information Technology Consulting, Strategic Planning, Competitive Assessments
AM, Washington, DC 5-10 Years work with local govts and orgs having to do with econ. and ed disadvant
BO, W Haven, CT 3-5 Years network, computer, computer technician, web page, internet services, web design, html
JC, Hanover Pk, IL 3-5 Years I have worked with start up and established manufacturing, distribution companies
IR, Houston, TX 1-3 years litigation support, petroleum refining technology and economics, FCC, fluid catalytic cracking.
JG, W Barnstable, MA 5-10 Years start-ups, industrial marketing, coaching management, sounding board
BA, Atlanta, GA 1-3 Years Strategy Development, Innovative and Integrated Marketing
RD, Queens, NY 1-3 Years Design, implement small to mid-size LAN/WAN
JC, Burlington, VT 5-10 Years facilitation, curriculum development, planning, training, evaluation, writing, instructional design,
ME, Witman, MA Just Starting IT Management, Project Management, Internet Development, eCommerce Development
RD, Oakwood, GA 3-5 Years Turnarounds, CFO, CEO, Management, Venture Funding, M&A's, strategic planning, start-ups, bizdevelop
PL, El Paso, TX 3-5 Years needs analysis, training systems design, training systems performance evaluation
MW, Albuquerque, NM 5-10 Years We specialize in advanced web, browser based business applications.
WT, Duxbury, MA 5-10 Years business development, policy management and marketing services
RJ, W Newton, MA 3-5 Years organization development, change management, team performance, employee satisfaction
MM, Powell, OH 5-10 Years Fasteners, Design Application, Pre-Load, Purchasing, Torque & Shear
RB, Suffolk, VA 1-3 Years Business Planning, Structuring, Development and Support Services
HP, Northbrook, IL 5-10 Years general management, strategic planning, m&a, alliances, start-ups, operations improvement
WK, Rockaway Bch. MO 5-10 Years Guest services, management, team building, writing manuals, human resources
GR, Boston, MA 5-10 Years Leveraging technology for commercial value, strategy, acquisitions, product development
SP, Santa Clara, TX 3-5 Years medical disposable diagnostics, laser machining, vacuum coating, reagent inkjet coating,automation
TS, Cincinnati, OH 5-10 Years Consultant of CICS, Cobol, DB2, IMS, IDMS with over 25 years experience
RP, Defuniak Sp, FL 5-10 Years Judicial Government technology consulting - courts and Law enforcement
SD, Lexington, MA 5-10 Years software development, internationalization, localization, globalization
CR, Wesport Pt, MA 3-5 Years Sales, Marketing, Leadership & Mangmt, Team & Morale Building, Conflict Resolution
JH, Hingham, MA 5-10 Years Embedded hardware/firmware, Windows support software, communications, wireless telemetry, data serve

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