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Thanks for visiting. Before we move on to the registration process, we suggest that you scan through this quick Q & A. Feel free to email or call us if you have further questions.

If you are seeking to find or engage a consultant, please proceed to the ABOUT page.

What markets does The Consulting Exchange (CX) best serve?

We best serve commercial businesses located in the USA. 80% of our clients are companies with sales between $ 5 and $ 100 million and are located throughout the US.

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to work with consultants located outside of the USA.

What can a "qualified consultant" expect from The Consulting Exchange?

You can expect to be dealt with professionally and candidly. Once you have joined, your professional profile will go into our text searchable database. When a qualified client requests an expert with your set of skills, you may hear from us - if your record is up to date and you've formally registered.

A qualified consultant is an indivdual consultant or small firm (less than 10 full time employees) who is professionally engaged in independent consulting and has been doing so for a minimum of 3 years.

Non-qualified consultants and early stage consultants are not referred by The Consulting Exchange.

Consultants registerd may have the opportunity to "go to bat" and may win one or perhaps several projects through our efforts. Since 1982 we have placed many millions of dollars worth of work with qualified consultants.

Although we can't guarantee a client who'll be in need of your services (that's the nature of the marketplace), we CAN guarantee that you'll hear from us when we have a project that fits. We also guarantee that you will receive a great deal of information about the potential client prior to speaking with the potential client. This "intelligence" will significant increase your chance of winning the project - and winning a project that works well for both the consultant and the client.

Next, an experienced broker can help you with your approach and proposal. If needed, we'll offer coaching and feedback. After all, we're in it for the long term, which is why we work best with those professionals who have a long-term view and realize that a shot at a few good projects, along with our value-added service, is well worth the commission and small registration fee.

What do you mean by "joining"?

By proceeding by filling out the Consultant Form, you will be asked to answer some questions and to send us your resume. Joining is the first step in formally registering with the CX.

Upon receipt of your information, we will send out an email registration packet containing our standard contract and along with details about our commission schedule and procedures. You will become formally registered once we have your signed contract, your marketing material, professional references and a $ 150 registration payment.

Formally registered consultants receive priority when referrals are made.

What kinds of requests do you see?

We receive numerous requests for high-level technical and operations consultants, as well as those who specialize in marketing, general management, human resources and international trade. Generally these projects range from $10 - $50 thousand. Our client roster comprises a diverse list of organizations, ranging from very small to very large, with sales that typically run anywhere from $5 - $100 million. The vast majority is East Coast (US) based.

Do you consider yourselves to be headhunters?

No, if you are seeking a full time job, we are not for you.

The CX is an innovative service that is unlike anything else in the marketplace. We work exclusively with professional independent consultants who operate on a project-by-project basis. If offered full-time positions, 99 percent would turn them down. They prefer their careers as successful, independent businessmen and women.

The Consulting Exchange serves an agent for the client. In essence we're a buyer's broker, whose clients are the purchasers of consulting services.

Although some of our clients might refer to us as consultants, our professional ethics exclude us from accepting any consulting projects through the CX. Our job is to facilitate, direct, refer and to step out of the picture.

We do one thing well - match clients with consultants.

Do I sign up with you if I need work immediately?

Sorry. That's not how we operate.

If you need work, we can advise you on how to go about getting it on your own. As a rule our registered consultants already have 10 or 20 ongoing clients. Ideally we'll bring them a new one each year or so. Because the cost of business development is minimal, the additional project is extremely worthwhile.

If you need immediate work, we'll help as best as we can, yet it is policy that we work only from the request of the client company who is seeking a consultant.

What if one of my clients is on your client list?

We consider that to be your private business. If one of our clients is a client of yours, you own that relationship. If we introduce you to a project that you knew about already, that means we are doing our job and have hit the nail on the head. It also means that if you win the job, the arrangement is strictly between you and the client. However, if CX were to introduce you to a project that you had no knowledge about, then we would receive a commission.

What if I refer business to you?

We have various ways to express our gratitude for referrals. Tell us how you would like to be compensated and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How does the business relationship work?

Consultants pay a commission to the CX for work they win through our referral service. Structures and rates of fees, simple and minimal are detailed in the registration package, which will be sent to you after you submit our Consultant Form. Other than the small registration fee, no payments are required until the client pays you. Commissions are paid only on billable time for the duration of the relationship.

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