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To begin your search for a management or technical consultant, simply fill in the form below -- or give us a call at 1-617-576-2100 (9 - 5 weekdays).

Please state specific issues you are facing and what kind of expertise you seek. Our expert brokers will contact you within 1 business day for further information or with introductions to several consultants who will very closely meet your needs. You then simply authorize us to have 2 - 3 specific consultants contact you directly.

We will share no information with others until you authorize us to do this on a consultant by consultant basis.

It really is that simple. We've done it this way, by phone, for over 25 years.

Unfortunately, as we work exclusively in the continental United States of America, we are unable to work with either consultants or clients outside of the US.

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Read more about how this works below:

While the Internet certainly helps, we find many people wish to call to get to know us a bit more before they act - and we find we both deliver a better service and get a better response rate when we've spoken with you. Expect to spend 5 - 10 minutes on the phone to get started.

After chatting us and with some potential consultants on the phone, meet with those you feel most appropriate to the situation, solicit proposals and only proceed to doing business when you are satisfied you have met the consultant who best matches your situation.

We do make a best effort to match you with local consultants yet we find many projects require expertise from "out of town", particularly in these days of ever increasing specialization.

For our services, you pay us nothing. We are compensated through commissions paid on successful projects.

We work best with USA based companies with sales between $ 1 million and $ 100+ million.

Expect consultants to be charging professional fees of $ 1000 - $ 2500 per day.

For startups and companies with few or no funds for consultants, we are happy to refer you to the numerous excellent Federal, State, regional and local services available.



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