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Independent Change Management Consultants are available and interested in small and large projects...

If you realize you need more than what a book or course about Change Management can provide, you have come to the right place.

We are frequently approached by clients who are interested in an independent consultant or small consulting firm to come in and advise or support a change management process.

Where we add value to the process is by referring experts who have "been there and done that" and can add credibility to the process, the resulting plan and the final results.

We work to introduce our clients to change management specialists who, in addition to knowing and working with the common tools of organizational development, including facilitation, mediation, executive coaching, benchmarking and best practice analysis, they have what we call "good deskside manner" as well as a working understanding of many specific industries and different types of stakeholders.

We strive to introduce you to pre-qualified consultants who not only are competent in advising and working to support your change management effort, they also have the appropriate background, credibility and chemistry to get the job done right the first time.

Give us a call TODAY -- perhaps we have just the right consultant for you.

Here's how it works:

Tell us about your situation and objectives and The Consulting Exchange will hand-select the consultant with the right skills, expertise and experience for your needs.

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View the below selection of change management consultants
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Below is a short list of skills / experts generated from our database who may be able to help you address your change management concerns.

ID/Location Experience Skills Category
DB, Brookline, MA 5-10 Years strategic consulting and market research, focus-customers & processes General Management
BN, Lexington, MA 5-10 Years Helping build strategic change in complex organizations Strategic Planning
BR, Londonderry, NH 3-5 Years Strategy Consultant focused on assisting clients solve business challenges. Human Resources Development
CE, Orlando, FL 5-10 Years Help organizations increase their effectiveness and profitability. Strategic Planning
RS, Newmarket, NH 3-5 Years Service, Support, Modeling, Forecasting, New Product Introduction (NPI), BPR, Change Management General Management
VC, Gloucester, MA 5-10 Years organization effectiveness, change management, team building, global diversity, productivity Other
DB, Brookline, MA 5-10 Years strategic consulting and market research, focus-customers & processes General Management
DC, Boston, MA Over 15 Years Leadership, Governance, and Change Other
DH, Rochester, NY 5-10 Years small to midsize management consultant/change agent General Management
DR, Hingham, MA 3-5 Years Interim/PT Financial exec. management and project services for early stage to mid-sized companies. Finance
FB, Londonderry, NH Over 15 Years CRM, Call Center, help desks, IT assessments, business alignment, Siebel, Clarify, mySAP, project mg Strategic Planning
GM, Ontario, Canada 5-10 Years Benchmarking, Balanced Scorecards, Best Practices, Performance & Project Management, HR Outsourcing Other
JD, Crescent Springs, KY 1-3 Years Aviation, Business Analysis,Process Re-engineering, Change Management, Technology Strategy General Management
JR, Miami FL 10-15 Years new product development, manufacturing, lean operations, global cross cultural issues Operations
JS, Manchester, NH 1-3 Years Knowledge-Based Systems Consulting. Finance
JW, Venice, CA 5-10 Years Strategic Management, Planning & Implementation, Business Development, Change Management Strategic Planning
LC, Cumberland, RI 3-5 Years Management consultant and trainer preparing businesses for the workplace of the future. Training
ME, Chicago, IL 3-5 Years coaching and consulting in management and information technology Strategic Planning
MJ, Raleigh NC 5-10 Years Expert in regulatory issues (ADA, Drug-Free Workplace, DOT,NRC,etc. ) Human Resources Development
MK, Cambridge, MA 3-5 Years Project management, Change Management, Operational management General Management
ML, Lakewood, CO 5-10 Years Telephony, Quality Assurance, Business Analyst, Access Products & Services, CABS (IABS), CRIS Technology
SK, Ann Arbor, MI 5-10 Years training and organizational development focusing on organizational and culture change and diversity Training
MS, Swanton, VT 3-5 Years BPR, reengineering Other
MW, Lawrencevile, NJ 1-3 Years Organizational effectiveness firm helping companies maximize talent to achieve business success. General Management
PS, Seattle, WA 5-10 Years Engineered Systems Engineering
RL, Cambridge, MA 5-10 Years high technology market analysis and business strategy development Strategic Planning
RR, Holland, PA 5-10 Years marketing, business process planning, strategic planning, training, seminars General Management
RN, Roswell, GA 5-10 Years efficiency effectiveness - process - consultant - experience based - broad range of experience General Management
RS, Dallas, TX 3-5 Years process improvement/ Change Management/ General Management


(this data is a small representative sample of consultants available through The Consulting Exchange.)

To learn more - please feel free to contact us at: 1-617-576-2100

To get the right consultant, now - tell us about your situation and objectives and The Consulting Exchange will hand-select the consultant with the right skills, expertise and experience for your needs.

If you're a seasoned independent consultant with a record of client satisfaction, find out how to join The Consulting Exchange.

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