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11 Sample Consulting Contracts

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New Samples of Consulting Contracts available by Download

Howard Shenson, one of America's most famous consultants and authors wrote this manual and the included 11 sample consultant contracts.

Now the most time-consuming and pit-fall-riddled tasks for professional consultants is made easy. With these sample contracts you can further protect your interests and those of your clients. One simple download can help save time and money and protect your future assignments.

Downloaded it now. Get it immediately and without S&H costs or sales tax.

These agreements, in use for over 15 years in every state will communicate your professionalism to your clients and will save you thousands in legal fees. Compatible any word processor, you can modify each agreement in the package, or use exactly as is. Includes formal and informal examples of both letters of agreement and contracts.

You even get an example of the all-important Sub-Consulting agreement, for when you subcontract to others or function as a sub yourself.

There's no need to craft contract language from scratch, no point to spending hours retyping agreements that may not be right for you. Why pay a lawyer who doesn't understand you or your business to put together documents, when you can access these 11 contracts on disk for less than you would pay for one hour of an attorney's time?

As an added benefit, this download also includes a printed Strategy Guide on negotiating and developing consulting contracts.

The download contains the following files:

1. START - A copy of the instructional manual. Simply print this file using your word processor.

2. The contents of Howard Shenson's book How to Strategically Negotiate the Consulting Contract.

3. CT1 through CT10 - are the individual contracts as they are depicted in the text portion of the book. Instead of typing the contracts from the book you may use these contract files. You can rename, copy, modify or merge them as needed.

CT1 is the first contract to appear in the book, while CT10 is the last. Below is a brief description of each contract file:

CT1 - A sample agreement to be written on the client's letterhead, retaining your organization for a specific project.

CT2 - A sample agreement to be written on the consultant's letterhead, indicating the proposal and reporting intentions of the consultant for an engineering services type project.

CT3 - A sample of the terms and conditions in which a consultant provides services to a client. Covers general terms and conditions, reimbursable expenses, invoices and payments, warranty and limitation of liability.

CT4 - A sample of a formal written contract for the more involved project which may require governmental, third party and supervision. This is the most detailed of the contracts and will probably require review by your attorney for your specific needs.

CT5 - A sample engineering service agreement. This agreement allows for additional compensation to the consultant if changes in plans or specifications are made. The standard per diem charge of the consultant is used to determine the additional compensation.

CT6 - A sample agreement for use when the consultant will be acting as an agent for the client, usually with respect to selling or representing. Also typical of the agreements for use between a consultant and those individuals retained by the consultant to serve as subcontractors.

CT7 - A sample agreement for use by the consultant when retaining the services of a second or sub-consultant.

CT8 - A sample of a fixed price services agreement. For use when the consultant provides a specific set of services within a definite time period for a fixed dollar amount.

CT9 - A sample of a general purpose professional services agreement. Covers statement of work, payment, expenses, obligations, patents and data, termination, security, government contract requirements, subcontracting, relationship of consultant to client and interpretation of the contract.

CT10 - A sample of an engagement letter, confirming the scheduled meeting and informing the client about the consultants fee structure.

4. INDEX - A summary of all the files contained on the disk.

As a download, you can receive this immediately, saving S&H costs. Start improving your consulting contracts today!

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