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The Consultant's BookCellar is brought to you by The Consulting Exchange and

It's designed to provide our worldwide audience with a selection of specialty publications that focus on the business of building and running a successful consulting practice. 

Feel free to browse - or bookmark and come back - anytime!

Our bookstore, where no parking is necessary, is open to serve new and veteran consultants alike.

View some of our favorite selections below. - And thanks for coming by.

Happy Consulting!

Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships, The Future of Professional Services -- Ross Dawson; Hardcover

The Consultant's Legal Guide --Elaine Biech; Linda Byars Swindling; Hardcover

(well worth the investment -- CLG includes a money saving diskette containing sample contracts, proposals, agreements, and more. Meetings with your attorney will be fewer and farther between as a result of using this book!)

The Business of Consulting : The Basics and Beyond -- Elaine Biech; Hardcover

Million Dollar Consulting : The Professional's Guide to Growing a Practice -- Alan Weiss; Paperback

(if you ever get a chance to see Alan Weiss speak -- Run, don't walk! -- He regularly appears at IMC events!)

Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used (Second Edition) -- Peter Block; Hardcover

(The perennial best-seller -- great for new and advanced consultants alike)

The Flawless Consulting Fieldbook and Companion : A Guide Understanding Your Expertise -- Peter Block, Andrea Markowitz (Contributor); Paperback

Stewardship: Choosing Service over Self-Interest -- Peter Block

The 10 Hottest Consulting Practices : What They Are, How to Get into Them --Ron Tepper; Hardcover

138 Quick Ideas to Get More Clients -- Howard L. Shenson, Jerry Wilson (Contributor); Paperback

(Howard Shenson was where this all started - for me personally - and for much of the independent industry - anything by Howard is excellent - even 20 years later!)

Consulting for PhDs, Lawyers, and Doctors --by the great folks at WetFeet; Gary Alpert, Steve Pollock; Spiral-bound

21 Ways to Springboard Your Speaking, Training & Consulting Career -- Marjorie Brody; Paperback --- OUT OF STOCK

How to Develop and Promote Successful Seminars and Workshops:
The Definitive Guide to Creating and Marketing Seminars,
Workshops, Classes, and Conferences
-- Howard L. Shenson

Adams Streetwise Independent Consulting : Your Comprehensive Guide to Building Your Own Consulting Business (Serial) -- David Kintler, Bob Adams (Contributor); Paperback
Become a Top Consultant : How the Experts Do It -- Ron Tepper; Paperback

(Tepper is another one of the seminal authors of my own career. Like Shenson's his work can seem is a bit dated but excellent none-the-less. Pick up a copy used if you can.)

The Business Plan Guide for Independent Consultants -- Herman Holtz; Paperback

(Holtz was another minor deity in the business of teaching independent consultants and is also very worth reading)

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