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Business Planning, Marketing, Manufacturing, Production Planning, Inventory Control, Financial Management, Outsourcing, Organizational Development, Part Time CFO, CIO, Interim Director of Marketing

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Consultants referred by The Consulting Exchange help a wide range of companies and nonprofit organizations to solve pressing management and technical problems, including:

  • Marketing

  • Financial Management

  • Manufacturing

  • Production Planning

  • Hardware & Software Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Telecommunications

  • Organizational Development

  • Benefits & Compensation

  • Human Resource Management

  • Part Time CFO, CIO

  • Interim Director of Marketing

  • Technical Troubleshooting

  • Outsourcing

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Our consultants solve immediate operational and planning problems. In the process they provide analysis and reccomendations to help our clients save money, improve ROI,  improve productivity, improve internal processes, and they provide advice where needed. Here are recent examples.

Saving Money

Updating Documents
Issue A training and consulting firm undergoing a name change needed to update thousands of pages of documents that contained the old corporate name. Various software vendors said the only way to do it was manually—at great cost.
Resolution Our consultant developed the correct solution for less than $2,000 plus 48 hours of computer time.
Benefit Had the client done this job manually, it would have taken hundreds of person hours to complete.

Improve ROI

Direct Mail Marketing
Issue A specialty travel business was spending more than $1 million a year on direct mail marketing and was barely acheiving break-even returns.
Resolution A consultant who specialized in direct response marketing, worked several days a month for four months and revamped the company's entire marketing strategy.
Benefit The company's ROI increased by several orders of magnitude.

Improving Productivity

Lowering Manufacturing Costs
Issue A $50 million manufacturing company, experiencing high demand, sought an industrial engineering consultant to improve production while lowering manufacturing costs.
Resolution Within three days the correct consultant was identified. He subsequently increased the company's throughput and lowered its costs.
Benefit This work enabled the company to substantially increase its contract with a leading semiconductor manufacturer.
Expanding Manufacturing Capabilities
Issue A major manufacturer of printing presses was forced to rapidly expand its facility to meet increased demand due to high growth.
Resolution An engineering management consultant was quickly located who developed a short-term solution that was flexible enough to handle future growth.
Benefit The project was rapidly expanded to include the setup of a new facility and transition to a new manufacturing and logistics center.

Improving Internal Processes

Issue A Fortune 500 company seeking new executive management wanted a consultant to administer psychological tests to evaluate candidates under consideration.
Resolution Based on the CX-referred consultant's work a number of promising candidates were shown to be inappropriate.
Benefit The search committee substantially revised its evaluation criteria after following the consultant’s recommendations.
Family Business Ownership
Issue A $20 million, family-owned paper goods manufacturer needed to resolve several ownership issues as part of its growth strategy.
Resolution After carefully assessing the situation, our consultant recommended that one member become the majority stockholder.
Benefit The company positioned itself for stronger revenues which resulted in greater earnings for each shareholder.

Providing Advice

Identifying New Markets
Issue A foreign-owned manufacturing and distribution business, which sensed a larger market for its products targeted to the aged, was frustrated after previous consultants couldn’t identify new markets.
Resolution A gerontologist located by The Consulting Exchange identified a number of overlooked markets.
Benefit Quick action enabled the client to capture a large share of several previously untapped sub-markets.
Seeking Federal Funds
Issue A municipality sought to purchase zero emission buses to decrease air pollution.
Resolution A consultant, hired to investigate the feasibility of acquiring federal funds, made the recommendation to not proceed due to funding constraints and immature technology.
Benefit By avoiding a lengthy application process, the municipality was able to focus on more productive activities while setting the stage for action when the technology comes of age and the time is right.


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Business Planning, Marketing, Manufacturing, Production Planning, Inventory Control, Financial Management, Outsourcing, Organizational Development


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